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Copyrights as an Economic Right

Copyrights can be divided into "copyrights that are economic rights" which protect the economic value of a copyright work, and "moral rights" which protect the moral interests of the author.  Moral rights are rights which allow the author of a copyright work to prevent his or her work from being altered or made public without the author's permission, and these rights are inalienable and particular to the author.  Therefore, the rights that JASRAC administers are only the "economic rights" that have been entrusted to JASRAC by the authors, composers and music publishers.  

"Copyrights that are economic rights" are divided into rights corresponding to the various usage forms of copyright works (rights category), and in terms of the musical copyright works which JASRAC administers, the rights illustrated below are involved.  

There are cases in newer types of media, where more than one rights category is involved compositely.  For instance, in music distribution over the Internet, the "right of reproduction" is exercised for the uploading of music to a server, and the "right of public transmission," which includes the right of making a work transmittable, is exercised for the acts of uploading and transmission associated with transmitting a work upon request from an end user.