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Related organizations (CISAC / BIEM)

CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers)

(Confederation Internationale des Societes d'Auteurs et Compositeurs)


Established as a non-profit, private international organization at the meeting of copyright management organizations (CMOs) held in Paris in 1926. Its purpose is to ensure that through the operations of member CMOs copyright works are used legally and fairly around the world, by harmonizing copyright systems, promoting the interests of creators, and coordinating the activities of CMOs. CISAC also fulfills the role of an international center for copyright study and information.

CIAM (International Council of Music Authors)

(Congrès International d'Architecture Moderne)


Established in 1966 as an advisory committee of CISAC. Consists of music creators delegated by copyright management organizations affiliated with CISAC. Its aim is to ensure fair remuneration and protection of rights for music creators. As the umbrella organization for music creators worldwide, CIAM has regional alliances in various regions of the world that deal with local issues.

APMA (Asia-Pacific Music Creators Alliance)

(Asia-Pacific Music Creators Alliance)


Establishment Ceremony in Beijing, China

Established in Beijing, China in 2016 as a regional alliance comprising CIAM. Its aim is to promote the protection and expansion of rights of music creators in the Asia-Pacific region. APMA gathers the opinions of music creators on copyright issues in the Asia-Pacific region, and campaigns for fair remuneration for creators, emphasizing the importance of copyright protection at every opportunity.

BIEM (Bureau International de l'Edition Mecanique)

(Bureau International des Societes Gerant les Droits d'Enregistrement et de Reproduction Mecanique)


Established in Paris in 1929 with the aim of bringing together copyright management organizations (CMOs) which administer mechanical rights, and assisting in their effective management of those rights. In the past, it fulfilled the function of collecting and distributing international royalties as a cooperative organization representing mechanical right CMOs in Europe.
However, it decided to withdraw from the practice of collecting and distributing royalties with the resolution of the General Assembly in 1968. At present, BIEM contributes to the protection and development of mechanical rights at an international level, and also negotiates with user representatives regarding terms of use of mechanical rights.

JASRAC’s role in the international field

Serving as a member of the Board of Directors of CISAC and as a member of the Management Committee of BIEM, JASRAC plays an important role in the protection and administration of copyrights on the global stage. Within CISAC there are many committees that are devoted to coordinating and harmonizing various aspects of administration between copyright management organizations (CMOs), and JASRAC is an active participant on the Business Technical Committee, Media Technical Committee and other groups that help to establish global standards.

JASRAC played a central role in the activities of the CISAC Asia-Pacific Committee when it was created in 1982, and continues to make contributions to the Committee and to the improvement of copyright protection throughout the region. JASRAC, through the Committee, provides financial support to CMOs in countries where infrastructure and systems for copyright administration are still developing. In 2016, JASRAC was elected to chair the Asia-Pacific Committee.
JASRAC also dispatches lecturers to seminars and symposiums conducted by international organizations such as WIPO attended by personnel from local CMOs and relevant government bodies. Furthermore, JASRAC receives trainees from foreign organizations and provides them with practical training in copyright administration.
JASRAC will continue to work in order to improve the protection level of copyrights in Asia.

CISAC Asia-Pacific Committee