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News Releases

June 3, 2019
Japanese Society for Rights of Authors,
Composers and Publishers

CISAC General Assembly Held in Tokyo for First Time in 35 Years

May 30, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) held its General Assembly in Tokyo, with over 250 participants from 102 copyright management organizations from around the world participating.

The General Assembly meeting, hosted by JASRAC commemorating its 80th anniversary, was held in Tokyo for the first time in 35 years.

Representing the host country, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo addressed the participants during the opening session.

His address is available on the Prime Minister's Office's website.

From left: CISAC Director General Gadi Oron, CISAC Board of Directors Chair Eric Baptiste*, CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre, Prime Minister of Japan Abe Shinzo, JASRAC Chairman Ide Haku, and JASRAC President Asaishi Michio

JASRAC was reelected to the CISAC Board of Directors during the General Assembly meeting, and JASRAC President Asaishi Michio was reappointed Vice-Chair of the Board.

The CISAC General Assembly issued resolutions on a number of international issues regarding copyrights. Those relating to Japan were as follows:

JASRAC will continue to take a leading role in tackling international issuers regarding copyrights, and contribute to the development of music and culture worldwide.

*Ended tenure as CISAC Board of Directors Chair at end of the CISAC General Assembly after two consecutive terms


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