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Japanese Society for Rights of Authors,
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Initiatives to Support Ukrainian Creators

The Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) is taking actions to support Ukrainian creators in cooperation with "Creators for Ukraine" initiative taken by CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers). This initiative comprises 1) creation of an international support fund for Ukraine, 2) collecting signatures on an open letter by creators and 3) "Songs for Ukraine" campaign.

An interview with Ms. Nataliya Gudziy, a musician from Ukraine and a JASRAC member, is also available on our website. Please have a look at it.


On March 16, CISAC launched "Creators for Ukraine" in cooperation with more than 220 member organizations to support Ukrainian creators, copyright management organizations and their employees who have been affected by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. As a member of the international network of copyright management organizations, JASRAC is committed to providing maximum support in cooperation with CISAC.

2.An overview of "Creators for Ukraine" initiative

(1)Creation of an international support fund for Ukraine

CISAC has created a fund to support Ukrainian creators and victims of the military attack. 21 organizations, including JASRAC, and creators' councils have raised 1.2 million euros (164 million yen) as of April 13.
As a first step, 300,000 euros (41 million yen) have already been used to provide aid to more than 700 creators in Ukraine. Another 700,000 euros (96 million yen) have been used to subsidize creators and refugees support activities (provision of facilities and support funds) by ZAIKS, the copyright management organization in Poland which borders Ukraine, as well as to donate to charities and NGOs helping refugees in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova. Recipients of the fund, including Ukrainian creators, have expressed their gratitude to CISAC.

JASRAC donated 15 million yen to this fund on March 25. We are currently collecting donations from right holders who entrust their copyright management to JASRAC as well as from our officers and employees and will send additional funds at a later date.

※The above amounts in Japanese yen are calculated based on the exchange rate at the end of April 2022 (1 euro = 137.33 yen).

(2)Collecting signatures on an open letter by creators

CISAC has released a statement in solidarity with Ukrainian creators and victims of the military attack. The statement calls on Russia to cease its killing of innocent civilians, its destruction of towns and cities, its assault on freedom and democracy, its violation of human rights, and its attack on culture, and encourages creators around the world to sign the letter and share it with the hashtag #CreatorsforUkraine.

This statement was delivered to Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, on April 28 with the signatures of over 4,000 creators from 50 countries. CISAC continues to encourage creators of all genres to sign the letter.

(3)"Songs for Ukraine" campaign

In this campaign, copyright management organizations around the world facilitate the uses of Ukrainian creators' works by encouraging online music distributors, broadcasters and other services in their countries to use these works, aiming to increase royalties to Ukraine's creative community. CISAC also encourages people to share their favorite works on social media using the hashtag #SongsforUkraine. The Hungarian copyright management organization Artisjus and the Ukrainian music copyright management organization NGO-UACRR have compiled and made available three playlists containing Ukrainian songs.

Playlist for Ukraine #1
Playlist for Ukraine #2
Playlist for Ukraine #3

The latest information can be found on this website.

220510_Bjorn.jpg Björn Ulvaeus, CISAC President (member of ABBA) said: "Songs for Ukraine" is a simple but brilliant scheme to help Ukraine's creators, by having their works played across the world. I would like to see platforms and broadcasters join the campaign and do all they can to support it."

220510_Gadi.jpg Gadi Oron, CISAC Director General said: "At a time when Ukrainians are going through horrific suffering, "Songs for Ukraine" is one way for the global creative community to show its solidarity with the country's creators. By playing, promoting and sharing Ukrainian songs and works of all repertoires, people can express their support and, at the same time, help Ukraine's creators earn royalties."

"Creators for Ukraine" is a global initiative to raise donations, bring support from creators around the world together, and promote Ukrainian culture. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

"Creators for Ukraine" website

[CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers)] CISAC is an international organization consisting of copyright management organizations in the artistic fields of music, audiovisual, drama, literature and visual arts. As of March 2022, 228 societies from 120 countries and regions have been members. From Japan, JASRAC joined in 1960, APG-Japan (Art, Photograph and Graphic Design Japan) in 1999, and JASPAR (Japanese Society for Protecting Artists' Rights) in 2012.

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