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Japanese Society for Rights of Authors,
Composers and Publishers

Blanket Licensing Agreement Concluded with Crypton Future Media, INC.
for Use of Music on Content-Posting Website “piapro”

On September 27, 2021, JASRAC concluded a blanket licensing agreement with Crypton Future Media, INC. (hereinafter referred to as "Crypton") which covers the online distribution of JASRAC repertoire by users of content-posting website "piapro" operated by Crypton.

Piapro enables creators throughout the internet to post and publish their music, lyrics, illustrations, and other contents. The website is unique in that it allows creators to use and publish contents posted by other creators when producing derivative works. Besides being a "place for creation" generating new contents, the website also serves as a place for self-promotion by creators active on the internet.

Under this agreement, creators will be able to freely post their music to piapro while entrusting their works to JASRAC. Furthermore, based on the conditions they have set on their own, creators will also be able to encourage and promote collaboration with other creators and production of derivative works. Creators of derivative works may produce contents using JASRAC repertoire posted on piapro and post them to other video-posting services which have concluded blanket agreements with JASRAC. This will make it easier for creators and music publishers, who have not entrusted the management of their works to JASRAC, to entrust the society with copyright management.

From Crypton, JASRAC will receive payment of fees and reports on the works used, and in turn, will distribute royalties to authors, composers, music publishers, and other interested parties who have entrusted copyright management to JASRAC.

JASRAC will continue to strive for the development of music culture by building new schemes which suit the environment and needs of creators throughout the internet.

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