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News Releases

Japanese Society for Rights of Authors,
Composers and Publishers

Partial Reduction of Applied Administrative Expense Rate
(For 2021-03 Distribution)

The Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) has decided to reduce the applied administrative expense rates, which are deducted when distributing royalties to authors, composers, publishers and other rights holders, only for the 2021-3 distribution period, as in the following table. JASRAC's general account revenue and expenditures are closed after each year, and any surpluses are distributed to rights holders in the following year if the ordinary revenue (*1) exceeds the ordinary expenditures (*2). However, when it is apparent that a surplus will occur at fiscal closing, JASRAC intends to return the funds to right holders as soon as possible.

In FY 2020 (from April 2020 to March 2021), JASRAC has made efforts to reduce the ordinary expenditures as the ordinary revenue was expected to decrease due to the spread of Covid-19. It resulted in the decision to lower the administrative expense rates applied to the 2021-03 distribution, which is the last distribution in FY 2020.

The applicable royalty categories are "Performances, etc.," "Broadcasts, etc.," "Cable broadcasts, etc.", "Online karaoke for commercial use" and "Interactive transmissions."

JASRAC will continue its efforts to boost administrative efficiency and reduce expenses in order to ensure that royalties that are paid by music users lead to new creative works by artists.

*1: Administrative expenses that are deducted when distributing royalties
*2: Business expenses and administrative expenses

Applied Administrative Expense Rate

Royalty Category Current Applied
Administrative Expense Rate
Rate Applied
Only to 2021-03 Distribution
Performances, etc. Major live concerts, etc. 15% 10%
Karaoke 24% 23%
Broadcasts, etc.
(excluding Commercials broadcast)
8.5% 7.5
Cable broadcasts, etc. 9.5 8.5
Online karaoke for
commercial use
Interactive Transmissions 9.5 8.5
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