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News Releases

Japanese Society for Rights of Authors,
Composers and Publishers

JASRAC Holds International Symposium

May 31, JASRAC held an international symposium at the Iino Hall (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo).

During a keynote interview, electronic-music pioneer and CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre talked about the importance of remuneration to creators, as well as the relationship between creators and technology in its current state, issues that need to be addressed, and future outlooks.

CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre

During the panel discussion held during the second half of the symposium, with ParadeALL Inc. President Suzuki Takayuki serving as moderator,the director general of CISAC as well as a number of top executives from copyright management organizations around the world engaged in lively discussions regarding artificial intelligence, blockchain and other state of the art technologies that have close relations to music creation and copyright management.

From left, ParadeALL President Suzuki Takayuki, SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste, ASCAP Executive Vice-President Tony Dunaif, CISAC Director General Gadi Oron, and JASRAC President Asaishi Michio

Video of the symposium will later be available on the official JASRAC channels on Niconico Douga and YouTube, and will also be available on JASRAC's website as a report.

---International Symposium Overview---

[Part 1 Keynote Interview]
・Mr. Jean-Michel Jarre (CISAC President)
Interviewer: Mr. Suzuki Takayuki (ParadeALL Inc. President, Kansai University Part-time Lecturer)

[Part 2 Panel Discussion]
Moderator : Mr. Suzuki Takayuki
・Mr. Eric Baptiste (SOCAN CEO)
・Mr. Tony Dunaif (ASCAP Executive Vice-President, Head of International Affairs)
・Mr. Gadi Oron (CISAC Director General)
・Mr. Asaishi Michio (JASRAC President / CISAC Board of Directors Vice-Chair)


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