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News Releases

April 1, 2016
Japanese Society for Rights of Authors,
Composers and Publishers

Haku IDE Assumes the Post of Chairman

Today (on April 1), Haku IDE, Full Member of JASRAC, has been elected Chairman of JASRAC by his peers. His term of office is from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2018.

Directors and Auditors will be elected at the Regular General Meeting of Members scheduled to be held on June 29.

Profile of Haku IDE

Born in 1941 in Nagano Prefecture. After graduating from Waseda University, he studied under the composer Minoru ENDO and began his career as a lyricist. He has created many hit songs and received the Japan Record Awards’ Long-Seller Award and Best Lyrics Award, as well as the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Award (2006) and Foreign Minister's Commendation (2015).

As a JASRAC Member, he served as a Councilor for two terms, as a Director for three terms, and as a Member of the Cultural Activities Committee, Copyright Trust Contract Revision Committee, Public Relations Committee, and Articles of Association Revision Committee.

He is also the President of the Japan Federation of Authors and Composers Associations and a Director for The Matsuo Entertainment Development Foundation.

His major works include “SUKIMAKAZE” (Ryotaro SUGI), “KITAGUNINO HARU” (Masao SEN), “SHOUWA NAGAREUTA” (Shinichi MORI), “JINDOU” (Saburo KITAJIMA), “ICHIGO ICHIE” (Toshimi TAGAWA) and many others.


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