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News Releases

April 18, 2016
Japanese Society for Rights of Authors,
Composers and Publishers

Copyright Fee Payments for Establishments Affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake

JASRAC extends its deepest sympathy to those affected by the earthquakes centered in the Kumamoto region of Kumamoto Prefecture that have occurred intermittently since April 14.

JASRAC has taken the initiative to exempt payment of copyright fees for music users in the regions severely damaged by the earthquakes for a period of 3 months between April and June. Payments from July onward will be determined separately taking into consideration the progress made with regard to restoration in the region.

Life in the affected regions continues to be full of anxiety with the continuing aftershocks. JASRAC and its staff wish all who have been affected by these events a rapid return to normalcy, safety and health.

The regions and establishments to which the aforementioned initiative applies are as follows:

1. Regions
All regions to which the Disaster Relief Act applies within Kumamoto Prefecture (as of April 15).
If the applied region expands hereafter, the measures will be extended.

2. Establishments
Establishments serving food and/or drinks, hotels and "ryokans," karaoke boxes, CD rental shops, various classes, and other establishments located in the aforementioned regions which have concluded a yearly blanket license agreement with JASRAC.


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