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News Releases

March 25, 2014
Japanese Society for Rights of Authors,
Composers and Publishers

Reduction of the Administrative Expense Rates

JASRAC has decided to lower the administrative expense rates* for certain categories from fiscal year 2014 as stated below.

<Categories for which rates are lowered from fiscal year 2014>

  Applied rate for fiscal year 2014 Applied rate for fiscal year 2013
Film Exhibition 26% 30%
Lending (Phonograms) 10% 11%
Lending (Videograms) 10% 11%

→The list of administrative expense rates for all categories: LIST OF REGISTERED AND APPLIED ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSE RATES


* Upon distributing royalties to Members and Trustors, a specified rate (administrative expense rate) of the amount to be distributed is deducted as administrative expenses, to be used for business operations. The administrative expense rates that are actually applied (applied rates) are determined with the approval of the JASRAC Board of Directors, within the limits of the administrative expense rates stipulated in the “Rules of Administrative Expense” that is notified to the Agency for Cultural Affairs (registered rates).