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August 2, 2007


Concerning the situation where extensive amount of Japanese copyrighted audio-visual works such as television programs have been posted without the permission of right owners on the U.S. video-posting website “YouTube”, 24 right owner groups and companies (hereafter referred to as “24 organizations”) held a discussion on July 31, 2007 with Director of YouTube, Inc. (website operator), Vice President of Google Inc. (parent company of YouTube, Inc.), President of Google Japan Inc., and other members* on the prevention of copyright infringement.

This meeting was held upon the request of YouTube, Inc. and is the second one between YouTube, Inc. and the 24 organizations following the meeting held on February 6, 2007.

In the meeting, YouTube, Inc. explained the infringement prevention measures they have taken from the start of their service to the present, such as “termination of user IDs which have violated the terms of use three times,” “deletion of unauthorized videos posted by users,” and “indication of warning notice in Japanese for unauthorized uploads.”  They also said that a system for prevention of copyright infringement using fingerprinting technology, which automatically identifies videos and sounds, has been in development since December 2006.  Once this is in practical use, personnel and financial costs currently borne by copyright owners for the deletion of videos would be greatly cut down, they explained.

In response, while the 24 organizations appreciated the measures of YouTube, Inc. against copyright infringement to a certain extent, it was pointed out at the same time that their current measures concerning copyright infringing actions are extremely insufficient.  The 24 organizations strongly requested YouTube, Inc. to take prompt measures against copyright infringing acts under their responsibility until a prevention system for copyright infringement is in practical use.

Currently, there are video-posting websites which are providing services in Japan and are taking specific measures to prevent copyright infringing acts under the responsibility of the service operators.

For YouTube, Inc. to provide their services in Japan, the 24 organizations think that they have the same responsibilities as these video-posting websites and will continue to strongly request YouTube, Inc. to take specific measures for the prevention of copyright infringement.

* Main members of YouTube, Inc. delegation
Mr. David Eun (Vice President, Content Partnerships) from Google, Inc.
Mr. Chris Maxcy (YouTube Partner Development Director) from YouTube, Inc.
Ms. Zahavah Levine (General Counsel) from YouTube, Inc.
Mr. Conway Chen (Corporate Counsel) from Google, Inc.
Mr. Norio Murakami (President) from Google Japan Inc.

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