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December 19, 2006


As announced by our press release of December 5, 2006, 23 Japanese right holder groups and business operators requested YouTube, Inc., in writing, to implement an infringement-eliminative system in relation to the large volume of copyright infringements found on the U.S. video-posting website YouTube. The deadline for a reply was set on December 15, 2006.

In response to this, YouTube, Inc. has made the following reply on December 15 signed by Chad Hurley, CEO and Steve Chen, CTO by facsimile and international courier service.

The 23 right holder groups and business operators will meet on December 22 to evaluate this reply and to discuss the course of actions.

[Summary of YouTube reply]

YouTube, Inc. would like to have their senior staff visit Japan and to have discussions also for their business development in Japan. As the company is operated by a small number of staff, they would like to have time to arrange their schedule.

Regarding the provisional measures
YouTube, Inc. is prepared to put on their website, for Japanese users, a Japanese version of their notices about respecting copyrights.

Regarding user authentication, YouTube, Inc. currently does require certain information but will strive for improvement.

YouTube, Inc. has been terminating the user accounts of those who have repeatedly violated their terms and conditions.

It was also offered in their letter that YouTube, Inc. would like to provide a simplified tool for requesting deletion (takedown) in relation to copyright infringement, if any of the right holder groups or business operators do not have the relevant tool yet.

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