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Works Information Database Search

  • This database DOES NOT represent the entirety of musical works administered by JASRAC, and is based on works registered by JASRAC members, documentation provided by affiliated copyright administration organizations abroad and reported usages.  All works written by JASRAC members are, as a principle, administered by JASRAC.  However, works which have no record of usage or works which have not been registered with JASRAC may not be found in this database.  
  • The data in this database are updated daily.  Rights ownership for any given work may change without notice.  
  • Certain restrictions not indicated in this database for certain works with regard to certain types of usage apply.  These will be notified once a usage application is made.  
  • Please refrain from setting up direct links to this database.  
  • The characters displayed in this database may include extended character sets not included in the first and second levels of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).  For such characters, depending on the computer brand, operating system and fonts used, characters different from the characters intended may be displayed.  
  • All copyrights pertaining to this database are reserved by JASRAC.  
  • Any unauthorized photocopying, copying, reprinting or reproduction of this database, in full or in part, is strictly prohibited by law.  
  • To view this database, the use of Internet Explorer 6.0 to 7.0 (use of Internet Explorer 8.0 currently being tested), or Firefox 1.0 to 2.0 is recommended (there are no operating system related restrictions).  
  • The use of platform- or environment-dependent (Unicode) character sets may result in character errors, and is not recommended.  The use of screen enlargement/reduction functions on Internet Explorer 7.0 may disfigure page layouts, and is not recommended.  

I have read and confirmed the above, and wish to proceed.  


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